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Recessed External Corner Back Flashing

Quickflash Code 34 


Patent 550387NZ                      

Code 34

Recessed External Corner Back Flashings are made in 3.0m lengths

A 7mm
B 22mm
C 71mm
D 71mm
E 22mm
F 7mm

Available In

*Solid Plaster & Aluminium should not come in contact

   Galvanised Steel
   Colorsteel Maxx
   Stainless Steel


  • Galvanised Steel  - Z450 - 0.55mm
  • Aluminium - 5000 Series - 0.7mm
  • Colorsteel Maxx - Thunder Grey  -  0.55mm
  • Stainless Steel - 304 - 0.5mm

Refer to E2/AS1 - Tables 20, 21 & 22

Product Details


Quickflash Code 34 - Recessed External Corner Back Flashing goes directly behind the cladding with out encroaching into the cladding space. This  Recessed External Corner Back Flashing is designed for a cavity situation and is very easy to use.








TERMS OF USE Disclaimer: This information is intended solely as a guide for use of Quickflash products. Before using you should ensure that the product is suitable for use in the specific application. Nothing in this information constitutes a statement of fitness for particular purpose and appropriate expert advice is to always be obtained.


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