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Soffit Wall Junction Flashing

Quickflash Code 38


Code 38

Soffit Wall Junction Flashings are made in 3.0m lengths

A 70mm
B 35mm
C 5mm

Available In

*Solid Plaster & Aluminium should not come in contact

   Galvanised Steel
   Colorsteel Maxx
   Stainless Steel


  • Galvanised Steel  - Z450 - 0.55mm
  • Aluminium - 5000 Series - 0.7mm
  • Colorsteel Maxx - Thunder Grey  -  0.55mm
  • Stainless Steel - 304 - 0.5mm

Refer to E2/AS1 - Tables 20, 21 & 22

Product Details


Code 38 - Soffit Wall Junction Flashing is usually installed after the cladding but before the soffit lining and can be used with most types of claddings. This soffit flashing diverts any moisture from entering the top of the wall space.







TERMS OF USE Disclaimer: This information is intended solely as a guide for use of Quickflash products. Before using you should ensure that the product is suitable for use in the specific application. Nothing in this information constitutes a statement of fitness for particular purpose and appropriate expert advice is to always be obtained.


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